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I am kind of in the same boat. I ride clipless on road, have for years. I never really liked clipless off-road..... About 2 months ago I thought I should give it a try again. Voile! I like it. Maybe it's the new pedals (I am running Time ATAC instead of Shimano 858s), I don't know, I am sold.

I still ride platforms on my DJ........ and trials.
There are two instructors I know who swear by flats, but their ultra-aggressive style of riding doesn't really lend itself to clipless anyway. They do things like dragging a foot while cornering and change foot position a lot when riding, which clipless pedals aren't designed for. I find that I have to concentrate on my pedaling technique a lot more when riding clipless off road, but the 20% power increase is well worth the effort. And of course I no longer have to worry about my feet slipping off the pedals when the bike is bouncing around under me, or when shifting gears aggressively.
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