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Nah, its all good Vamn, I hope we can meet someday and let me explain my thoughts.

I am a terrible writer/typist, I can never convey what I really mean using this method.

No hard feelings, sorry I was dogged about it too.

I tell you what, come stay with me next year for this week, and lets see how long you like it.

Originally Posted by Vinduroman View Post

Not personal at you as a person: I just don't understand what appears to be your stance n' caustic attitude toward that faction of biking. However, maybe your wit n' humor was lost on me in the typing... the internet is good at that, you know. (Like Arkwizard pointed out: The ranting is in good nature.)

I shouldn't have come down so hard. Mea culpa.


No goat getting... like you say that's Doc's realm.

In fact... maybe a group hug is in order?


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