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FWIW: I don't do large crowds too good and large bike events take me about 1-2 hours and I've seen what I want to see. Nothing against the events or their riders in particular, just the way I'm wired. Case in point: A friend talked me into filling a vacancy and going with him to Sturgis in 2010. Even gave me the rooms of the other guy that cancelled. So... I went. (Was riding a Deuce at the time.) We stayed at Keystone. Had a great time on the ride out... enjoyed the Black Hills on Mon and Tues. On Wed, he wanted to head for the actual Sturgis part of the Sturgis thing. I told him I'm not too much into that scene, but I'd give it a shot. We arrived about 8 AM Wed. I was there a total of 1 1/2 hours... just long enough to find/buy the wife a T-shirt, pick me up a shirt and take a pic of mainstreet. I called his cell phone and told him it was nothing personal but I was outta' here. I then went riding the rest of the day and saw some great stuff he never saw. Next day I rode something like 250 miles to see Devil's Tower while he did his bike week thing. Oh, and I only lasted 2 hours at the one and only BBBQ I attended (2008?). Too much crowd. I'm a dual sporter at heart. I like mountains and solitude... maybe a small group.

a1fa said: V-man, you rooting for the Hardly a boner crowd?
See above. Just figure if they're on two wheels and not flagrantly breaking the law... then it's all good. Wish the biking world could get together and join forces instead of dividing over preferences. We (all bikers) would have a lot more legislative clout then. That way, we help (calls/letters to Congress/votes) the other facets of biking with the issues they face and they help us with ours (land use, for example). Guess that ain't never gonna' happen though.

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