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U Clear HBC 200

Just got my U Clear HBC 200 (actually 3 of them) and I'm not impressed with my first testing. Here are the issues I ran into.

1. It only took a few minutes to get 2 paired together, but the 3rd one took 15 minutes. The directions say one thing, but the illustrations show the complete opposite. (Follow the illustrations)
2. Once turned off, you have to turn the 3 units on in specific order to get them to all link up the next time you use them.
3. One unit seems to act as the master unit and if that unit in not along for the ride, you have to pair the other two units each time.
4. The sound is muted/muffled. You have to turn the volume up really high or ask the other riders to repeat themselves frequently. (I even double checked all the ear piece placements)
5. One rider split from the group and within 300 ft they were out of range. ( We didn't get to try the hop feature by spreading out, maybe next time.) If the unit that acts as the master leaves the group the other two cannot talk.
6. The only positive is it did great at blocking all the extra noises.

I am going to give these units one more try and check back here to see if anyone has a different experience, but thus far I am very disappointed, especially when you consider the price for 3 of these things.

Prior to U Clear, we had Cardo Scala's and they have much better range. The only two issues I have with my Cardo's is wind noise in the earpiece from the boom and you can only full duplex two units. That is why I thought we would try the U Clear so we could all 3 have full duplex.

Let me know if you have any experience with the U Clear 200.


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