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I doubt I will ever need a handgun for bear. I don't hunt predators, and the case where a bear attacks a human is just plain rare. Feral dogs yeah. Feral pigs - maybe (I would like to hunt feral pigs someday).
When I was in college I was home for a long weekend one fall and decided to try coyote hunting. I borrowed my dad's coyote call (sounded like a wounded/dying rabbit, supposedly) and a rifle and headed out to a remote area. I found a spot on a hillside with a big bush behind me, overlooking a large meadow area. I shoved myself back into the bush, facing outward, and began blowing the call. After about an hour of that I decided nothing was coming around, so I stood up to stretch my legs and move onto some other location, and heard a crashing bawling noise. It was a black bear that had snuck up behind the bush and was sniffing around about 20 feet behind me. I had not heard his approach. I don't know who was more frightened, I yelled and he took off. Damned glad that wasn't a griz.
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