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Day 8
With Hatgal being a tourist destination the road is being paved from the larger town of Moron which is about 100km away. We made good time on this stretch.

It wasn't long before we rolled into Moron which is a larger town by Mongolian standards.

We had to stock up and boil more eggs because we got too drunk the night before and left our eggs out for the Magpies to feast on. While Moron isn't as charming as Hatgal, it would make more sense to spend a day here to regroup since there are lot's of resources here. There are numerous larger supermarkets, a large black market, and a few decent looking hotels. We didn't stay, just got some stuff and kept moving.

The road was an actual improved road for a short stretch out of town.

The route quickly turned back into buttery two tracks and we came across these guys with a flat. Of course we have to stop and see what's going on. Flat occurrences are always very social and entertaining at least for everyone except the guy doing the repair. We we always classify the flats and this one rated as a "class 2 slice". Turns out these guys had patches but no glue so we pulled ours out for them. It's pretty funny how you can communicate with people without knowing each others language.

Pretty soon we started into a canyon that we hoped would lead us to a pass up over a small range. The riding was getting really good!

The route was smooth with a handful of easy river crossings.

Then we stumble onto this scene. We notice all the bikes neatly lined up and we think maybe we should go see what's happening.

Upon closer inspection we notice bodies strewn about, some kind of barely moving like they'd been drugged! One guy is stumbling around. Our senses tell us to keep moving.

The route continued up this beautiful drainage. The two track was perfect!

It just kept getting better as we continued up, tightening up a bit more.

Next it starts to open up a bit and…….

BAM!! We're riding through a very broad high meadow.

We find an awesome camp site overlooking the drainage we had just rode up. We all converse about what a weird scene that was back at the ger camp where Jim Jones and the Kool Aide Kids were hanging out.

During the evening Minxter announces that Buuuuurrrrt and I both have some rogue eyebrow hairs that she can't take looking at anymore and we'll need to have her do some manicuring. Too funny! She definitely has a very feminine side of her.

We had made some good time that day and really enjoyed the riding. We couldn't stop wondering what the hell was going on at the ger camp with the people flopped out everywhere?!!

174km for the day.
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