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as a mechanic that is a specialist in fuel injection.. . .

I am highly, far and beyond offended that someone would do such a thing to a fine EFI bike.

the ONLY type of conversions I would not find offensive - a diesel motor swap, and can only be done on some other types of bikes, and really only practical if frame is free and gas motor is blown,

Or buying & building a microsquirt, and using stock KTM injectors, or more dynamic lb flow ones, and using bits and pieces of ends of the ktm wiring plus to interface to the microsquirt.

carbs on a 990 ?? .....stone knives and bear skins ..wash your mouth out with ethanol

.. the other day, YESTERDAY, I worked on an australian made 1991 mercury capri turbo...rare kinfolk to a cosworth escort... owner got quoted like $1600 for new distributor & main computer. ( not my quote )

I had a 1-on-1 with the old performance coupe, 45-60 min in ..some no ox and a slight 5 degree twist on the hall effect sensor wires way inside the distributor, what could also be called an ignition module or pickup sensor,... and bang zoom.. the tach test wire started throwing signal again. (cap n rotor still off ) ...then back together and it was up to full power again. . The hall sensor wasnt my first guess... I no ox'd the ecm contacts and cam sensor, to no result.

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