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Nice setup, ADVNCW. Who makes your horseshoe duffle? Looks to be just the right size.
Sorry I just saw this. That is a Giant Loop Great Basin.

Since I bought my 230L in May, with 900 miles on it, I have put 6000 trouble-free miles on it riding mountain singletrack, gravel roads, the WABDR, two trips across the state of WA. I wore out tires, chain (sand from riding Pacific beaches ...) and brake pads. About a total with gear of $5k invested for a nice adventure setup!

I have been traveling on the 230L Adventure for the past two weeks. The Seat Concepts seat and 1 7/8 inch handlebar risers make an acceptable fit for my 6' 1" 230 lb carcass. The TCI windshield adds comfort, even on gravel roads, knocks down the wind turbulence against chest and belly, deflects bugs etc. I trail ride the TCI windshield, ok as long as one has a full face helmet since I occasionally whack the chin area of the helmet on the windshield...and I do not ride 'hard' with a windshield on trails.

Sweet ride, just a bit of a 'dog' I admit above 50 MPH on the highway...but, hey so excellent on any kind of dirt. I ride my setup loaded on singletrack. This past week, I turned the loaded 230L Adventure around on singletrack by rocking the front wheel up the high side of the USFS mountain-singletrack. Try that with a big motorcycle. I have ridden since 1970 including 44 states and AK to Mexico on a two-stroke 750, had an IT490 I enjoyed. I believe that the power characteristics of the 230L are an advantage for ease and control on gravel road riding. With a high-performance (thrilling) motorcycle, one roosts, fishtails, accelerates, grabs the brakes- all fun, but more tiring. On the 230L I flow at a good speed over gravel roads, not much wheel spinning, no hard accelerate-decelerate. I have decided that the low, smooth power, but just enough, of the 230L is an advantage- and I think my traveling speed on gravel roads is as fast as any and faster than a lot of guys riding big bikes on gravel, with effort...

My home area has over 50,000 acres of the local Forest on fire. The smoke that blocked out the sun and dropped ash in our valley made me ill so I was a 'smoke refugee' for two weeks. I went to a smoke free area of the Cascades, rode singletrack and Jeep trails and highway, mountains to ocean and back a few times. Camped and hoteled. Again I rode the Pacific beaches open for driving- fun!

This trip I was in Mt Rainier NP, far between gas pumps, so my wife and daughter joined me and brought my 1.5 gal Kolpin gas tank. With that I get well over 250 mile range!

Gas mileage is another huge plus. I get 73 MPG just normal riding including gravel/ easy dirt. When I pin the 230L Adventure at 60 to 65 MPH for 70+ miles the gas mileage suffers down into the 63-67 MPG range.When I consider another motorcycle to use to travel on gravel/ dirt, I think of the extra gas needed to be carried and also of how easy it is on my CRF230L Adventure, loaded, to stop, turn around, ride any terrain....less fatigue riding dirt and gravel!

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