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Originally Posted by FPGT72 View Post
So it will be long enough for us to forget about how the tank really was.....that way they can take away half the armor, and nerf the hell out of the know be on par with the rest of the german stuff.
So, the new PzIV will be as armored as my Priest The armor was never anything to write home about, but if it comes out, I'll probably sell my current one and transfer my 200% crew. It's just not very fun to play.

The stug kept the sniper gun though In Himmlesdorf, I hid behind a berm inside the train station in an encounter battle covering the cap. I was mostly invisible with my net and binocs I could see almost all the way across the yard. Just happily poking holes in anything that wandered by.

I'm turning into less a fan of the high tier brawls. Still trying for the Patton, but I'm having more fun with the Stug and SU26.
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