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Originally Posted by vwboomer View Post
I will upgrade the turret for slightly better protection when I can. I had xp saved for the hummel and spent some of it on the bl9
I always suggest saving free XP to upgrade existing tanks (like to have the best gun) than to reach that next goal and have to run a tank stock. Never, ever run a tank or TD stock if you don't have to - and with Free XP to move around, none of us ever has to unless we spent the XP on attaining that next tank goal (usually an unwise choice). In the case of German arty being as good as it is to play, and the time it takes to get actual camo skills going on a 100% arty crew, you may be far better off working that crew hard with the current arty you have (is that the Grille? If so - the Grille is a major Tank Company player, and I just bought a Grille again, and am now training up its crew to 100% for TC's) to both earn the XP, the silver, and the crew skills. (Many pages ago in this thread I gave hard-learned suggestions to newer players, you may want to go back and read them if your current style is just to get that next tank or tier as fast as possible)

Originally Posted by UngaWunga View Post
T25AT or T25/2? I do like the idea of the turret, but the AT has a bigger gun....
Well, both.

I bought both at about the same time, and both are good. The T25 AT was my favorite for its tier, but if they didn't change its gun characteristics in 8.0, they at least did change the gun sounds... and for some reason I feel as if I'm being thrown off my focus, aim and effectiveness with the T25 AT now. I haven't read anything about it being changed, so I'll keep at it, but while the new sounds are different, I guess, the crispness and identification of which sounds are which seems to make the whole game more 'muddy' to play for me, and the T25 AT was the most notable. But, again, I could be mixing that up with an actual nerf I'm not reading about.

The T25/2 is a major hull-down player, so if you have those skills from playing American heavies, it's a nice little sniper tank that has great speed down hill. The T25 AT seems to speed along very fast even on level terrain.

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