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Many people into the moped scene here remove the front fender, which is basically what holds the forks together, at least on the '05 and older models. Remove it and the forks flex like wet noodles. The '05 and older ones were spring forks only, no damping. When the A55 models cam out in '06, they also switched to hydraulic forks (this is in the U.S., models for other markets were probably different) The A35 engine used a reed valve, and was a great engine. It was virtually indestructible IF you left it stock. The A3 engine that came before it was also good. And there is really nothing wrong with the A55 that came after the A35, I just like the A35 better.

Todays Tomos mopeds are not built as well as most mopeds were built back in the '70s. I still own a '77 Puch MaxiSport ZA50 2 speed 2 hp, it has well over 20,000 miles (miles, not klms) on it, all mine, and the engine has never been apart. But it has never been modded either. It is very easy to see the quality difference between that old Puch and a modern Tomos. Though the same size, the Puch is much heavier and the frame and suspension are a lot stronger.

But, ridden the way a moped should be ridden (not overloaded, not modified, and not ridden off road), a modern Tomos will still last a really long time, as long as you don't use the oil injection.

Mopeds are not scooters. They need to be ridden like motorized bicycles. You cannot ride them out in the middle of a traffic lane, or you will get run over. If a cop sees you ride one like that (again in the U.S.) you will get a ticket for impeding the flow of traffic. But most of the miles I put on my Puch were not in town, they were on rural country roads. I rode to the far right, just like someone on a long distance bicycle ride.
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