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Originally Posted by Gummee! View Post
For mtn biking, I'm seriously tempted to wear the same stuff you're wearing. You don't need the pockets and tight fit of road stuff off-road. A. you're not going as fast and B. you've got a camelbak with you that has all yer tools and food in it.

The only thing stopping me is... ...I'm a roadie and I have lots of jerseys that go with my bib-shorts. I refuse to wear 'mtn biking shorts' with the outer baggy layer.


Yeah, I won't buy the shorts either. Mainly because I have so many pairs of board shorts for swimming, I just through those on over some athletic undies and away I go. All the MTB shorts I see are close to 100 dollars

Sorry, not paying

The two local trails I ride mostly are loops around public walkways. The trails are 6 and 9 miles long, but each are on no more than 100 acres. If the bike breaks I just throw it over my shoulders and walk back to the car. The only thing I have with me when I ride is water in the water bottle attached to the bike. Oh, and keys and phone, just in case. Those I put in the pockets of the board shorts, inside of a sandwich bag so they do not slide out while riding.
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