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My two year subscription to Motorcyclist is about to expire, and I have no intention of renewing it. I think it's a dull publication. I'd like to hear from people here what magazines they read and love, or have read and really disliked. I'm going to subscribe to a new magazine based on your input. And I like hearing criticism of bad things, because, who doesn't?

So to start off, I don't have a favourite, hence why I'm asking you guys. For my least favourite, I guess it's the one I'm reading now, Motorcyclist. Here's what I don't like about Motorcyclist:

- It's absolutely chock full of boring, one-page editorials that feel like they were written the day before they were due. Lots of reminiscing about first bikes, buying used bikes, new technology, old technology, the bike that got away, etc, etc. Nothing wrong with that, but you've gotta have a good story to tell, and you've got to tell it well. That seldom happens. And if you're going to ramble on about something I barely care about, put in some interesting pictures!

- They include a few token cruiser reviews, usually written by some guy who hates cruisers.

- They have more and more articles on electric bikes and scooters. I shouldn't mind that, but I often just skip or skim these articles.

- They are full of really uninteresting insider news about the staff of the magazine, about who went to what show and who met this famous motorcycle dude from the sixties, and who bought his favourite 90's bike. Seriously.

- The last page is devoted to a goofy picture and half a page of really, really unfunny writing, often referencing someone from the staff (more unfunny inside jokes).

- There is a section called "Doin' Time" where they list off all the expensive mods they've done on a particular motorcycle that they are evaluating long term, and then they say nothing about how fun the bike is to ride, or where they've ridden it, or anything close to a personal, interesting observation about the bike.

Anyways, you get the point. Motorcyclist replaced their Editor In Chief, and I hoped for some changes, but it's been the same old boring articles in the same old template.
Totally agree about Motorcyclist. Immature, self absorbed. It was a foregone conclusion that they would pick the Honda CB750 or some such as the mc of the century recently. I'm not saying the CB750 wasn't important, but the foregone conclusion was that they would pick a bike that was important to THEM, in their formative years. Anything previous to their own personal experience - no way it would be considered.

I was glad Catterson - a legend in his own mind- left CW for Motorcyclist as it improved Cycle World, pretty much my favorite.

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