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Originally Posted by NortwestRider View Post
I thought tube type tires had a different bead and could/should not be run without a tube !!.
The bead of a tubless rim is different, it has a lock ring around the bead.

The inner liner of a tubeless tire is designed to be airtight more so than a tube type tire. However they are so good these days that most report tube type tires holding air pretty good. I wouldn't do it but it's not that uncommon.

Running a tube in a tubeless tire is quite common, done all the time. You want to keep pressures up to keep heat down. Tubes in either tubed or tubeless tires will run hotter than a tubeless.

It also said a tube will blow out suddenly when punctured, like a balloon, deflate very quickly, whereas a tubeless will leak down slowly forwarning you of impending flatness. Gives you time to get off the road. Tubeless tires are said to be much safer for hiway travel, and most are radials now. Better grip, safer for flats, bigger contact area, higher mileage both for fuel as well as life, better ride, cooler running. Also much easier to patch as you can generally just plug them on the wheel and reinflate. A tube has to be removed, patched, and/or replaced. 101. I'm done.

All of those big dualsport tires run like shit on a roadbike. AustinJake bought a Husky TE. LOL
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