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Originally Posted by moggi1964 View Post
Big John,
looking forward to hearing about your Scorpion can; it's my first planned major upgrade in the Spring. Who are you getting it through?
Indiana Super Bikes (866-463-9720)

They don't have them listed yet on their website, but they can get them. I ordered mine a little over 2 weeks ago and it's s'posed to be here next week some time. It's part of the first shipment of the Scorpion cans to arrive here in the states.

Call them up & ask for Dave. I got mine for $515 shipped to my address. I wanted a CF can, but was asked about my riding habits & when I mentioned how much gravel I ride I was told to stick with stainless or titanium. It sounds like the CF doesn't stand up to rocks very well, and when they checked with Scorpion Corp. they were told the lifetime waranty wouldn't cover holes busted into the can so I ordered the titanium. The stainless was quoted to me @ $455 shipped.
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