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Originally Posted by NewEnglander View Post
I had a superb ride on Saturday led by our fearless leader Spinalcracker (Mike) on his gizmo'd out F800 GS. We did the Bailey Hazen and more. Also In our group was ADKbeemer(Greg) who I had the pleasure of riding with a couple of years ago at Cromag, on his beautiful Super Tenere. On his trusty KLR was BeemerJim(Jim) smilin all the way. Last but definitely not least was Merlin III (Phil) on his expertly ridden pristine R1150 GS.
All of these guys are a class act and I would ride with them anywhere. We had spectacular scenery, interaction with the locals(vt people are always colorful), good food, challenging terrain and great company. I even got a bit muddy.
...whew, crazy week @ work, finally got some time to chime in here...

Mucho thanks to Clark for another amazing CroMag! Fun chillaxing with you and Ms. Liz in the shack swapping stories!
Hats off to Beez, Gail and the rest for high entertainment Friday night - laughed my ass off! What was the clear liquid again?
Finally great ride as noted above by Lee on Saturday...I sent more photos to Mike guys, if you want copies, PM me.

Looking forward to CM 2013!

Until then, be well, see you on the roads...
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