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New Chargers...will they give a little?

Hey folks,

I just got a brand new pair of Chargers in the mail today. I had spoken to one of the guys at Revzilla about sizing, because the pair of Vertigos I had were supposed to be my closest size (43/9.5 - I wear a size 9 shoe), but always felt too big.

The Revzilla salesman said that he always suggests a size smaller for the dirt bike boots. So I went with the 42 (8.5) based on his recommendation. The problem is, the left feels PERFECT, and the right makes my foot cramp a bit.

I know these are rigid boots (reason I bought them), but I'm wondering if you all think they will give just a hair. I just need a tiny bit of space for the right foot. I fear that if I returned them for the 9.5, the left would be too big, and maybe the right would be perfect

Obviously, this is all based on me just walking around the house - can't actually get out there and test them and then return them. I've taken them on/off a few times to see if my foot would relax - but the same type of discomfort returns.

I don't like the feeling of too big - but I certainly don't want to be cramping while on a long day of riding.

Any advice would be much appreciated.
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