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Originally Posted by eheal6520 View Post
I really like your fuel cell and am considering it for my bike, but I have a cupple of questions.

Is it really necessary to drill the tank. Wouldn't it be easier (and in my case, safer) to tap into one of the fuel lines?

Where is the valve you "switch the fuel cell valve open" located? Why not leave it open all the time?
You have to drill the tank. The fuel lines are under high pressure for the Fuel injection system, so you need to feed the fuel into the unpressurized tank.

I've got a whole fuel cell setup (tank/filter/shutoff/quick disconnects) for my S10 (not nearly as nice as the one posted above!), but I'm also hesitant about drilling. I took it off my last bike that had a drain bolt in the tank, so I was able to simply screw a barb into that threaded hole.

I think he said the valve is right behind the seat, so he just reaches behind his butt to switch it open. The reason to leave it closed for a while is so the tanks don't try to level each other out when they're topped off, thus causing an overflow out of the lower of the two. I used to wait till my low fuel light came on, then popped the valve and watched the fuel gauge fill back up to the top.
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