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Word of caution

Just did a set of Mikuni VM32s from my T500, they didn't look all too terrible to begin with, the jets weren't even clogged when I took them off. But I was curious to see how clean I could get them :)

Previously I had stuck one of them in an ultrasonic bath of isopropanol, this got some of the grime off on the outside but did nothing to remove the gummed up gasoline in the bottom of the floatbowl. I put the first carb into a small container of uncut Pinesol overnight, along with the jets, slide, etc.

The Pinesol bubbled up, which I now realize was the byproduct of a chemical reaction. The PineSol worked TOO well, stripping off some of the metal, going as far as producing small pits in the bottom of the floatbowl and parts of the carb body Not bad enough to ruin the carbs but I'm glad I didn't let it sit for another day! Jets were pink colored, but cleaned up semi-okay, and look unharmed.

The second carb I'm doing in a 50:50 dilution, with the floatbowl being filled up with a slightly higher concentration. Jets I put in 50:50 for about half and hour and took out, they look good, without the pink crap.

Also, after rinsing all the Pinesol off in soapy water, I dried things off and blew out the jets (with human power lol) then liberally sprayed everything down with WD40, as to prevent a reaction with the air. No before pics but I'll get some 'afters' soon.
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