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Day 11 Sept 27 850 kms Moriarty NM to Bowie TX

I packed up early and hit the road, wanting to make up some miles. Inmate JimBowie had invited me to come for a visit, so away I went East on Hwy 40, following the old Route 66. I rode along in light traffic, watching the scenery change as the road dropped in elevation. (Moriarty is at about 6000ft elevation. )

Along the way you can exit the freeway and ride through some of the towns on the historic route 66. In some areas the old buildings are in good shape and still in use.

I rode and rode the freeway, enjoying the light traffic and the Texas scenery. I pulled into Amarillo, where there were up ramps and down ramps and round and round ramps, but the traffic was light, the signage was great, so I was able to get through town with relative ease.

I turned off towards Dallas/Ft.Worth, enjoying the relaxing ride down the freeway (I know, right? I enjoyed the freeway!!)

I pulled into Bowie, TX and called JimBowie, and he came out to meet me and lead me to his house.

Jim and his wife, Sandra welcomed me into their beautiful home in true Texas fashion. They made me comfortable, asked me what I wanted for supper and when I wanted it. Sat me down, got me comfortable with something to drink, and then we started visiting.

They are so easy to talk to and I felt at ease with them right away.
We talked bikes, and travelling, and bikes, family, bikes and more about bikes. I have lots of friends who like motorcycles, but Jim LIKES motorcycles. A walking encyclopedia on bikes, bike racing, bike history, not to mention formula one racing, the best race tracks, the best places to sit at each race track. It was awesome.
They have put on many, many…..many miles 2 up and have great stories of where they have been and what they have seen. They have ridden all over on their Triumph 1050 tiger, and they have just traded it in on the new Triumph 1200, and they have a vintage XS650 in the garage.

They told me that they had invited a couple of friends over to visit, motorcycle fans who also ride a triumph 1050 amongst other bikes.
They also told me, smiling, that Sonny wasn’t what you might expect as a motorcycle rider……

So the doorbell rings, and in walk Sonny and Judy. Judy is a short, quick to smile, happy woman, and Sonny looks like what a guy might expect when someone talks about Texans. He is holding a hat the size of Texas in his hands, he shakes my hand, and in a sloooooow Texas drawl, says “Pleased to meet you, sir.”

Now Jim and Sandra have the Texas drawl that is so easy on the ears,(I don’t think you are allowed to live there without it) but Sonny takes it to a whole new level. He talks so slow and is so relaxed and easy going that a guy gets more relaxed just being in the same room as him. When I asked him what he did for a living, he told me he had “Been Cowboying most of his life”

We start talking bikes, and he has had, at one time or another, just about every bike you can think of. Dirt bikes, enduro bikes, trials bikes, street bikes, bultacos, Maicos, Yamahas, Harley, BMWs. What he hasn’t owned, he has ridden at some point, even the Bonneville speedway record holding Triumph Rocket.

We eat dinner, and visit, and visit, and visit. Me listening hard to understand their accents, and them listening hard to figure out what I am saying.

Sonny and Judy left quite late, and Jim, Sandra and I stayed up way late talking about bikes and everything else there is to talk about.

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