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Day 12 Sept 28 339 kms Bowie TX to Seymor TX

Last night, we had talked about going for a ride around rural Texas. Sandra and Judy both had to work and Jim had some pressing things at work, and although he wouldn’t be able to go for a ride, he would be able to go in late. Sonny said that he would show me around before I headed in a Westerly direction, working my way towards home. Sandra, Jim and I had a bit of breakfast and visited before Sandra had to leave. I wanted to go over the bike before Sonny showed up, but Jim and I got to talking, so I had a late start at going over the bike and getting packed.

Sonny showed up and we got to visiting, we took time for a photo op

I thanked Jim again for his hospitality, invited them again up for a visit and Sonny and I took off for a look around. (I think that if Jim hadn’t had a pressing matter at work, we could have worn him down enough to come for a ride J )

We stopped at Sonny’s place to check out his bikes. Sonny has a little place out of town with a few animals and lots of space.

He showed me around his place. He has picked up lots of neat stuff over the years. Museum quality fossils, petrified wood, hundreds of arrow heads and other interesting things.

Sonny’s bikes

Corgi, the corgi

Judy’s bikes

Kickass lawn mower.

We rode around the area, Sonny pointing out interesting things.

We stopped at some old mine workings.

We rode around the paved back roads, up and down and around, past farms and lakes.

We stopped for a bite to eat in Saint Jo,

The food was great, and you knew you were in Texas when you read the sign above the urinal

The restaurant staff were really friendly, and thought I talked funny. I told them it was them, not me. I did learn to try and slow down my talking a bit so they would have a better chance of knowing what I was saying.

There was a saloon/museum next door, so they opened it up and showed us around.

I mentioned that I had never been to Oklahoma before, so he let the way to the Red River, the border.

Following Sonny

Into Oklahoma

We rode back into Texas to Archer City, I thanked him for the tour, he told me he would for sure ride up for a visit and then Sonny pointed me West, on secondary roads, and he headed back towards home.
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