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My current ride is KTM690, my last ride was a HM796, before that (among other things) was a HM1100.
I can say, the Hyper is one fine handling bike, I liked the 796 better than the 1100 as for me it was more rider friendly, less surprising when twisting the throttle but still more than quick enough to entertain on any bend...
-the seat was sh*t for anything more than an hour, I had an airhawk for long days...
-the handling although brilliant, didn't accomodate relaxing...if you sat back and took in the view and hit a bump you'd be wrestling the front end back from a wobble...all was good if you stayed alert....
-Fuel was ok, from 160-200km on the 1100 to 200-300 range on the 796.
-although good handling you'd be mad taking it on's too nice

Now, the KTM 690.
-it's got fly by wire so has 3 settings to play with for the throttle, more can be loaded...I use "standard" as it takes off and lands nicely without jerkiness of the other settings, they would be useful on the track or a long mountain winding road...
The touring ability is brilliant, I've just come back from a 4 hour ride to a friends place, first bike in a long time that i didn't have a sore butt!! (that includes the GS1200, also airhawk'd ) Seating position is great (I'm only 5'6"), the back seat has room for a luggage bag (andystrapz 18litre strap-on).
Fuel is ok, only 200km range but that's ok for me..also, when cruising it's smooth as silk with clear mirrors over 5,000rpm (around 120 in top+).
Accesories are good, you can get racks (big & small) crash bars, heated grips, handguards saddle bags etc etc, much cheaper than Ducati accesories, and as the Hyper is more sporty the accesories are not as useful, although I had a rack and good size bag on the tail...

Overall both brilliant bikes, you'd have heaps of fun on either, I do miss the Hypers, the 1100 had a sound like heaven, the 796 was sweeter and still packed a good punch if you twisted it hard,,, But, in the end, the KTM is heaps cheaper than the Hyper (downunder), I think you'll love either one.
Enjoy the ride
here's mine..

just realised you were asking about the KTM enduro, misread.but, anyway now you know all about the Duke verses the 796... Oh well, give me a drink and I waffle on regardless

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