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Originally Posted by RUNDCM View Post
I never had a M class lic. before in my life. put 800 mi on the PCX before i went & got the M class. Who the hell is going to put any serious mile on a motorcycle/scooter with a learners permit anyway?? been down that road & its Bullshit. I just rode the damn thing illeagel till I was familar enough to pass the test. Alll the M-Cycle safety classes are filled up. Who eles but a newbie would appreciate clicking blinkers ? I leave the things on too long most time anyway --newbie thing I guess. Plus alll the shit I'm gettin at work for riding a scooter is halairous...Some dude with flaming fireball stickers stuck to the fenders on his compact car asked me "if I needed a licience for it" I said "Hell no, as long as the cops dont pull you over" So yea I'm looking not too swift on the 50 CC but hey, I gat a big manly 150 CC too... Telll me more about this MD DC scooter ride thing. I'd like to hear more on it! DCM here isa link to the dc local scooter meetup group. for the record i did not come up with the name. we do rides pretth frequent that are 125 friendly.i catch hell from my coworkers all the time about the scooters, i hzve been ruding motorcycles for 17 years, does not bother me much fol,sdo not like what i am riding!
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