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Well, I've now ridden in snow -- sorta. I rode to go into the office today to take care of a few things. When I went to leave, I found it'd started snowing. But it was just flurries, and was melting when it hit the ground, so it wasn't much different than riding in a cold rain.

I stopped by a bike shop one the way home to buy some overdue winter gloves. By the time I was done at the shop, the snow had started coming down much harder, and was accumulating a bit, though not on the roads.

Underway, my visor fogged/iced over quickly, so I kept it at an angle that let me see out and kept my glasses mostly clear. Traffic was heavy, and of course I was learning to deal with the bulkier new gloves at the same time, so on the whole it wasn't the most enjoyable ride I've ever had. But I only had a few miles to go, and they passed uneventfully.

I've ordered one of the Respro Foggy masks recommended on another thread to deal with the fogging, but I'm thinking an electric visor like the one Dysco mentioned is the only real solution for riding when the snow is actually coming down.

Thanks for the other comments and suggestions; I'm starting to think that this is doable, and that I might not even want to limit my winter riding to commuting.
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