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Originally Posted by pumpe3 View Post
I think I read in the first post or so that maby you where going to Ducati factory, if you want to the museum you got to book the museum in advance, at least thats was the deal last year.
well that is good to know!
as it happens, we didn't end up going to the museum this year (it'll be there next year I'm sure, and now I know to book in advance )

so, on to Day 06

it's Sunday.. it's my birthday.. and I am in Italy with my girl on motorbikes.. what could be better?

the castle in the middle of town looks pretty impressive in the morning sun

quite old by New World standards too

The Castle of the Fieschi to the north of the oldest part of the historic center of Varese Ligure, in the past was part of a unique defensive system along with the fortress houses of the village round. The monument stands today consists of two staggered towers, joined by a massive buttress on which stands the highest. The latter is known as the Tower of Piccinino, the name of the captain who in 1435 took possession of Italy on behalf of the Duke of Milan.
In the seventeenth century the building gave signs of failure and to prevent its collapse, its base was built so it was a huge spur to connect with the second tower, called the Tower Landi. Manfredo Landi, having married Antonia Maria Fieschi, feudatory of Italy, he settled in the village and between 1472 and 1478 built the tower to expand the living area of ​​the building. The tower cylindrical section and based on slope, recorded in 1541, the collapse of the roof which was later replaced with a pavilion roof.
From 1547, the year of commencement of the Genoese dominion, until the end of the eighteenth century, the castle was the residence of the Podest. It was later used as a private residence until the restoration of 1964 that gave us the monument in its present form. You can visit the reception hall and the underlying prisons, as well as the walkways of the buttress.
Ready to rock the little GS!

beautiful, cloudless day. Not too hot, not too cold... just right

out into the countryside

Michelle & Greg.. house hunting (within our budget?)

the view speaks for itself

Time to stop for a cappuccino

which way? we have decided that it is maybe time to head north, rather than further into Tuscany. So we set our navigation to Torbole on Lake Garda.

happy? yup

you? yup!

and some freeky fries! (i'll admit they were pretty good, but not as freeky as advertised)

SS 62... in a word BRILLIANT!

level crossing time

Seems they have been quarrying that hill for quite some time!

Heading north-east

Western shores of Lake Garda

Have I mentioned the seat on the GS is a bit of a plank? Leg stretching time....

We decide to try Hotel Santoni (we stayed there last year, and they have fantastic breakfasts!

sadly... no room at the inn but they call a couple of places & hook us up at Hotel Piccolo Mondo. Four **** wow... lux. We pull in & they are expecting us as the Santoni staff has already called.

We have a room w/ a terrace, and since it is my birthday, then a bottle of the excellent Barolo I have been toting seems to be in order!

Later we walk down to the lake for dinner.

More wine, Amarone of course since we are so close to the region (and Michelle & I love Amarone)

A gelato on the walk back to the hotel seals the day perfectly.

The day in maps:

About 300 km on the day. A perfect day weather-wise, every sort of road, and fantastic vistas. Topped by a great dinner on the side of the lake. A very memorable birthday for sure!
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