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Smithy, like I wrote - you'll love it when you're not top tier. As a top-tier tank the Panther's 100 barrel can be frustrating in a city peek-a-boo battle when other boom-sticks take so much damage off of you... but then while I knew that , and felt it, for a good while, as I played it - more and more - entering a battle with the 100 and being top-tier became less and less of an issue. It's not that I wasn't still apprehensive about it, but since then I haven't really found it to hinder my winning as much as it should in theory.

This is one barrel and tank that you may to want the radioman's skill to be the one that allows you to see farther based on things other people light up. You can both hit, and pen, at maximum distances.

I run a camo net, binoculars, and a gun rammer on mine. 58.7% win ratio with it, and a simply incredible 1858 Efficiency rating with it... which I always read as "Unicorn" status, but apparently it is "Unicum" ... I only learned it wasn't "Unicorn" a few days ago, and don't like the real title much at all, lol.


too early on a weekend - I can't type sentences that make sense.


Anyway, I have yet to check the stats for it, but the Panther may have the same qualities its bigger brother, the E-50, does... I didn't ram an IS I was fighting last night fast enough to do much damage, but there was no doubt that I was pushing around an IS yesterday in a face-to-face fight. Instead of keeping my side to him, I kept my front to his side, and was pushing him all around. I will try ramming with the Panther later. With the L/100 it just isn't one of those tanks that you're going to find yourself in close-up battles where you could push someone off of a cliff or bridge very often, but it seems like it make be able to do it similarly to the E-50 when it fights against its own tier rivals. (That said, and from playing with an experienced E-50 driver, if that lien is one you're going to go up, the "ramming' skill for the drivers of the Panther, Panther II and E-50 will come in handy a lot once you do get into the E-50. ... I wish I could train it up now, but all crew on the Panther is currently on Camo skills except for the commander, who is training his Recon skill for the Binocs.)

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