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I agree 100% Kace, if anyone can do it, Honda can....

I (as well as thousands of others no doubt) would also like to see a mid-weight (6-800cc), more off-road biased adventure bike from Honda for around $8-10k.

I've been extremely fortunate to have had the chance to ride a friend's 1997 Honda RD07 Africa Twin for a short time... Even though that particular bike is 15 years old now, the overall way it worked was awesome! The engine, while not rip-roaring extreme, had plenty of power and torque and was fun to use, the chassis felt planted and the handling was neutral and forgiving, belaying the size of the bike. Overall, it was just flat out perfect IMHO.

It's both an awesome and horrible to ride a bike like that, as it's forbidden fruit and owning one here is near impossible.

I really liked the idea of the last Honda Transalp 700 as well. Although it was a little more street-biased, it still looks like a fun bike:

Even though Honda has a ways to go yet, I'm happy to see the direction they're going in.
Just like you said, I'd love to see the CB1300 come over here. I would have loved to see the Honda CB750 concept they teased us with a few years back to come to life as well....

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There arent many companies with the engineering, manufacturing and raw capitol to be able to reinvent itself when it begins to wander far of the mark. Maybe we'll see something special, maybe the CB1300 will come finally. Maybe they'll give us a CB600, or a proper adventure bike.

They -are- going after the dakar this year, I think the arrival of the RC213V suggests the seriousness with which they're going after the bike market again.

Yaknow what I really want? a midweight(6-800cc) adventure bike for around 10k. Maybe positioned to compete with the KTM 690, more likely aimed at the F800, Tiger 800 ect. I have always been fascinated with Honda, the old man was an incredible guy and he gave us some incredible stuff. I'd own one now, if they made anything I was interested in.

Why are BMW's so much better thought out than Hondas, market wise? I mean we've seen some motorrad bikes that didnt take off, but Honda just does absurd things. The 599 and 919 seemed to sell well, but were just so expensive. The PC800 was way smarter than the DN-01, but it needed to have hung around longer to gain momentum. They give us the DN-01 but not the CB1300? Where is the new blackbird, or a proper naked bike that doesn't get shipped from Italy?

Come on Honda, if anyone can do this you can.
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