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I sub to "Motorcyclist". Used to have that and "Cycle World". But I decided not to keep both because it felt redundant.

I also have a Mustang and noticed something about "5.0" magazine that I really enjoy. They devote a huge portion of their article selections to individuals who have customized their cars. These people have lived with and cherished the featured cars for years.

I know that this is because it is a brand specific publication, and the comparison is not apples to apples. But it got me to thinking: how cool would that be with motorcycle mags? I would love to read more features on people who have lived with a bike for 5 years, with stories of their experiences. "Motorcyclist" does have a one page monthly article that does this very thing. And it is often my favorite page of the month.

Oh wait that is why we all come to forums like Advrider . This is the place where we find real world info.

Sorry, carry on the conversation!
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