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Hi there. Sorry for not posting an update sooner. I have over 6000 miles on the Suzuki 1250 Bandit with the car tire on back. I'm running a Hannigan Supersport sidecar. I have had no problems with the tire. I have not spaced out the sprockets. All I did to the chain guard, was grind a little of it off were it was close to the tire. I have 3/8 inch clearance from the tire to the chain guard. It's never rubbed. I like to ride hard in the turns, and nothing has rubbed. I'm getting a good even wear on the tire. If I had to do it over, I would have gone with the 195 instead of the 205. My local tire dealer thought that the smallest width he could get was the 205. The biggest problem I had with this width of tire, was clearance of the brake caliper on installation. I had to take the caliper off to get the tire in. Then install the caliper. Just a little extra work. The 205/50-17 is larger in diameter than the stock motorcycle tire. I installed a two tooth smaller sprocket in front. If I had gone with the 195/40-17, I probably could have kept the stock gearing. Overall, I'm very happy with this set up. Blaine
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