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I am another one of the "former" Honda fans and buyer, they just have seem to lost their way in the last 10-15 year's. In my case the Honda quad has been replaced with a Can-Am, my Honda dirt bike has been replaced with a KTM and then a Husqvarna, SWMBO Honda dirt bike has been replaced with a TM and my beloved VFR 800 was just replaced with a Ninja 1000.

In all the cases when looking at the replacement models for the Hondas replacing a Honda with another Honda was going to leave us with a vehicle that was any / some of or all of the following:

Overpriced (compared to similar models from other manufacturers), antiquated (in the case of their quads, dirt bikes still running carbs), or that had really strayed from their previous models ( VFR 800 to VFR 1200).

The fit and finish on their newer stuff just does not seem to be near what it was and to qualify this statement in the past two years I have bought a new quad, two new dirt bikes, a 650 class dual sport and a Ninja 1000.
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