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Foot dislocation (Lisfranc Displacement)

Well I new I would end up here sooner or the way it was sooner than expected. Here is the short story of what I believed to have happened and the results with pictures. If you are going to ride the small soft banked turn...COMMIT and stay commited! I didn't stay committed and ran through the small berm and the front tire dug in on the back side which allowed the back of the bike to come off the ground and swing around. My foot was planted and this allowed the back of the bike to fold my toes/front of boot up against my shins. Thus causing the dislocation of all my toes on my right foot and breaking several in the process.

Boots: Sidi Adventure Rain
Pros: Waterproof, Comfortable, great ankle /shin / achilles tendon support mechanism...similiar to ski boot
Cons: None really other than me taking them outside their design parameters and asking them to do everything well....OK thicker sole

The injury: Lisfranc Displacement
Lisfranc was a French Calvary surgeon during the 1800s. The injury frequently occurred during when Calvary solider was shot, and subsequently fell from his steed. More often, his foot was entangled in the stirrup causing the same injury. At that time, the injury would gangrene, causing the loss of most of the leg. Lisfranc realized the severity of the injury (and the vascular compromise) and amputated earlier (and at that point of the foot).

BTW, of all the photos I found of the Lisfranc injuries on the interwebs, I think this one might be the most severe. Most of the photos I saw they had to use arrows and circles to show you the fault....

So all my toes were dislocated in my little dirt bike mishap and need to be put back in place. So they shot my ankles up with some numbing juice, then he tied loops around my two big toes. Guess what happens next......the orderly guy comes in and basically hangs from my foot while the on call Orthopod attempts to muscle the toes back in place, which we didn't know at the time were broken, back into their proper location. Holy Shit did that have me climbing the walls!!!!!! We got a few back in place but some of the loose parts, bone chips, prevented him from getting the rest back in place. The Orthopod tried to under play what was going to happen and how painful it was going to be but I knew better.

Standard wristband we should all be issued...maybe I will make a sticker.

So there it is with 3 screws for now...his plan is to take them out if I heal well. He did not have to fuse anything so what little mobility you have in that part of the foot will still exist and less than a 15% of developing Arthritis as he see's it. It is going to be non-weight bearing for months...not happy about that but considering the circumstances I will keep my pie hole shut.

What would I do differently: Stick the turn no matter what and keep the leg up high so it doesn't get mashed from behind by the bike. Look into some boots which may have better sole support which will help cut down or prevent the flexing. Buy boots which are less comfortable, ie walking, and focus on protection in this type of riding scenario. The Sidi Adventure Rains will/have worked in all the other situations well but riding a 2 stroke dirt bike on single track really isn't their forte.

Foot as of 10/01/2012

Originally Posted by Dorito
Last time we were at Doc, he recommended the following for nerve pain:
  1. Vitamin B6 (Thiamine) 300mg/2X per day for 6 weeks, then maintenance dose of 150mg/2X per day
  2. Vitamin B1 200mg/day for 12 weeks, then maintenace dose of 100mg/day.
It's been about 2 weeks, but is appears th shooting pains are a bit reduced.
Foot as of 10/28/2012

Update as of 12/20/2012
Well the procedure went well with no complications. Screws were removed with what seemed like ease so apparently I didn't bend anything. He couldn't get me the screws unfortunately since they were already bagged and tagged. They only gave me a little juice through the IV with the majority being done with a local. The most pain I experienced throughout the procedure was the IV in the back of the hand. So while all this was going on we were having fun, laughing and shooting the breeze with the Dr. and rest of the staff.....great group of folks! The only thing I really felt was the pressure when he was working the power tools used. So now I am home with my leg propped up, I will provide more of an update later. So bottom line for now is I got past the milestone and moving forward with recovery and life. It was a good day! Thanks for all the well wishes as well and Merry Christmas to everyone!

Update as of 12/21/2012
Decided to forgo the pain pills for a bit to see what I was working with and it looks like 3 to 4 on the pain scale, so not bad but definitely noticeable. Most of the pain is on top where they removed 2 screws from.

Short term limitations
So here is where I am at for now.
Minimum activity for 5 days
No strenuous activity for 4 weeks
Weight bearing as tolerated
Progress back to full weight bearing
Stitches can be removed in 10 days either by primary care doctor or myself, guess which one will be removing the stitches?
Boot for 2 more weeks then start weaning myself off (1 hour regular shoe then 4 hours back to boot)
Change dressings in 6 days and keep stitches covered and don't get them wet.

Carry on with life!

I am figuring 2 to 3 weeks and then I will give the DRZ a try.

One of the last things the doctor did was ask me if I wanted a print out of the X-ray for my thread since a certain someone, J4S, introduced him to my writeup. He actually acted like he was pretty impressed with it and liked my description of hanging me by my toes and the pictures showing it.

January 1st went for my first street ride...a bit early but it's tradition.

February 10th I went for my first single track ride in the woods since the accident...I was a bit worried but I had waited at least long enough to get my foot in real MX boots for maximum protection. A little sore at the end of the day but everything is well the next day.

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