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Matt and Kristen:

Congratulations on a memory filled second leg of your discovery journey. I must say that your lives have captivated me since I first read about your trip to the Dempster back in the day. Being a fellow Texan I never doubted that you would make it and I eagerly followed your journey there and back.

I missed the ‘tween discovery trips, but stumbled back into ADV after a few years of enforced absence (the damned economy would not get off my back, so riding was out) to find a heart laden beginning to your current journey.

Your gift of the written word coupled with your and Kristens’ gifted eye kept me enthralled as I followed your adventures across Eastern North America and South America. Within the prose I recognized an enlightenment and calm as you and Kristen discovered yourselves. You personally are to be applauded for realizing the strength of your life partner and are to be doubly applauded for being willing to bear witness to your love and admiration for Kristen.

I look forward to your continued discoveries and growth. You are both very good people.

As a parting thought, as a film photographer of many decades I have struggled to recreate the magic and saturated colors of Kodachrome 25 in the digital era. Accepting that your full frame body is better than what I currently shoot (D20), I still believe I can get the look via post pro. Care to share some of your pro secrets with us plebs?
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