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Ah, I see. The twin lights threw me off. Are they the touratech one or something else? I'm bummed that Britannia doesn't make something for the 3 screw 650s. The lynx is awesome looking. Aside from the mounting problems and bulb access do you like the sliding screen design?

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tzabcan your close. It's the mirage 1 and it is designed to suit the '4 screw' screen. After talking to Brittania I used an industrial strength heat gun to reshape it to my '3 screw' shape. Still not perfect but it works. Hard to see in the pic it has quite a few wraps of black speed tape holding it all together after one screw fell out. It's done 2000km like that so I better put the screw back in soon
Next winter I might use it as a template to make a new fiberglass one piece headlight/dash/screen unit to suit the twin Hella lights globe access at the moment is a pain requiring dismantling the whole setup, not helpful when your out n about.
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