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Originally Posted by tzabcan View Post
Ah, I see. The twin lights threw me off. Are they the touratech one or something else? I'm bummed that Britannia doesn't make something for the 3 screw 650s. The lynx is awesome looking. Aside from the mounting problems and bulb access do you like the sliding screen design?
No not TT but thats the effect I was after Hella DE's mounted to an alloy plate screwed to the original headlight mounts, took a bit of mucking about to get right. I like the sliding screen, run it full up mode for travelling and full down for fire trail work. I gave Brittania some feedback and pics on trying to fit it to the 3 screw dash and they were willing to refund if I wasn't happy with it. I needed something to combat buffeting and it's the best outcome so far.

Low beam 1029-12v

High beam 1030-12v

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