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Originally Posted by TomN View Post
Sorry if these questions have been asked before, did not see answers in the pages I looked at. Never hammock camped before but as I get older I am getting less and less comfortable sleeping on the ground so I want to try hammock camping. Getting tired of waking up 10 times a night when my arm or goes to sleep or hip/shoulder hurts from pressing into the ground.

1) I sleep on my stomach and side, I have read it is possible in a hammock but does anyone really do it? Or is there something about sleeping in a hammock that allows stomach sleepers to sleep on their back?

2) What is the most cost effective way to try out hammock camping, I am looking for something that has a bug net and canopy, is not junk but doesn't break the bank?

3) In cold weather can I put my RidgeRest in the hammock and sleep on it to get insulation? I get cold easy when I sleep. Seems like that might not work since it is a stiffer pad.

I have a Hennessey Hammock. I think it is the Expedition model.

1. I sleep on either side easily in a loose, fetal position. The trick is to hang it with just a bit of slack and to lie diagonally.

2. A Hennessy comes with everything you need. I got mine used here in the Flea Market for a hundred bucks. Try the Hammock Forums for used gear too, but be quick as they get snapped up fast.

3. For insulation I have been using a truck windshield sun reflector. It is cheap and light, and has been warm enough down to the upper 40's so far. Sleeping pads tend to slide out from under you in a hammock, but maybe you could stick it inside your sleeping bag instead of under it?
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