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Originally Posted by Mambo Dave View Post
No luck about it - for a road bike to have tubes and a chain, it is a properly designed bike (albeit it a design that is easily 40 years old - just think where we'd be today if the makers actually continued to improve on what makes a proper bike... proper ... for another 40 years!).

I just came off of a modern chain-driven road bike I put ton of miles on, and realized that they had bike design down-pat back in the 1970's with center stands, neutral comfort, etc.
I agree totally. First day I went out on it after I rode it home I was out for four and a half hours and not even the slightest hint of an achey bottock troubled me in all that time. There's nothing on it that doesn't need to be there, its shiny where it can be and painted where it needs to be. The best thing about it is the ride quality. The engine is a peach and the suspension, although nothing special, never seems to be fussed about anything on even the most bumpy, broken country roads.
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