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Originally Posted by AZbiker View Post
Suzuki tried with the B1250, they didn't sell.

Considering how well the CB1000 sold, can't say that I blame them for not bringing the 13 over.

In order for the Japanese to bring these bikes over, we have to buy them THE YEAR THEY COME OUT.

The sales numbers for these bikes say that most of the people that want these bikes are cheap cunt douchenozzles that don't put their money where their mouth is. Instead, they wait until the bikes have been sitting on dealer floors for 2 years before they make their purchase. Not a good formula for making money.

The numbers just aren't there for a large company to bother with niche motorcycles. Yamaha does it a little bit but unless Big Red wants to adopt the same kind of distribution model that Yam has with the Super Ten it simply isn't going to happen.
I was thinking about this earlier today. Honda builds cars and things here, why dont they build bikes? Presumably that'd keep costs down, steal Harley's thunder to a degree and maybe with roots here their moto engineers would actually ride our roads and talk to our riders. I fear they just look through flip books with beautifully colored glossy charts and diagrams of demographics and lack any realistic understanding of the modern american motorcycle consumer.

It seems like every year they lose more ground, and they lose more hondas. Where is the modern "You meet the nicest people on a honda."
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