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Broken knee

My riding buddy (a member here but I don't know his nick) went down this past Thursday evening while riding his 1989 Transalp. He was on one of our local express ways (like an interstate but not numbered) when a pickup in front of him lost a mattress out of the bed. It was just after dark and when he saw it in the roadway he braked hard and tried to swerve to miss it but clipped a corner. He says he was down to about 30mph at the point he hit it but the bike went airborne and slammed down on his right leg, breaking the top of his tibia off and powdering the growth plate. He went to surgery the next day and the ortho doc tried to fix it with a plate, a bunch of screws and wires. The doc says it was one of the worst breaks he has seen in his practice. He is home as of today and resting. Only time will tell if it will heal.

The state police have cited the driver of the truck with an improperly secured load resulting in an accident with injury and for not having insurance.

Please have him in your thoughts...
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