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Smithy, I feel for ya. I can say that twice in one city I had drops to a solid 9 FPS two different times (restarted the computer after the first time).

A day or two ago I also had something come up that I have never seen in WoT before: a "Out of Memory" text at the bottom center of the screen in a red font.

Now maybe it was you or someone in FYYFF clan that suggested it to me, but I went from being wary to a full-time user of "Game Booster 3" (version 3.4 apparently) before playing games in the last month or two. It shuts down like 15 or 19 background processes on my computer to play games with, and the video card temps seem a little cooler with it running, too.

It's worth a try.

Something else strange with the client - I had a super game in my Panther tonight, and took a screen shot of the end-battle to show Smithy more of the fun that can be had when one or two tiers down in a Panther with the snipe barrel... but that screenshot doesn't exist. Now I did have a "Red Screen" many games afterward, so maybe there was a memory issue even earlier and it didn't get saved?

Late Edit: and I had a clan mate who lost his connection but didn't know it. He sat, waiting for a tank to come into view, but after a while tried to move his turret and realized he was staring at a locked-up screen with a score that was two minutes old, at least. We ended up winning that battle, but he had no shots fired, and taken no hits, so his daily double was miserable.


Efficiency - I think they are all using the same algorithm to calculate efficiency, but I could be wrong. Mine has been doing something strange despite a streak of wins over the last few days... instead of going up, it goes down by one or two, then back up... It hovers at 1350, then drop to 1348, maybe 1349, then 1350 again. This, despite some really great games (I've been rocking the two-tier lower tanks tonight... beating out tier 8's, 9's and 10's for top XP earned many times), so I don't understand what is going on. I mean I've been PWN'ing them - really - especially this evening.

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