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Originally Posted by mattomoto View Post
Did a 6 hour ride yesterday and can't say I noticed a difference, but then again that is the first time I have ridden it since spring (sad I know, but my Husky has got a lot of time on it ). I think I will put the bolt back in just to see. Thanks for the tip.

Bike felt great though. I put it through some punishing stuff that I had not even ridden my small 450 through! I should have taken a picture of a couple of the "roads", but I was having too much fun to stop. Suspension worked overtime for sure! Bottom'd out more than once!

A few from the tamest roads I was on yesterday.

Nice country that, must bring my bike and visit when I win the lottery (which has to be any day now, been buying tickets for so fucken long it's ridiculous)

I should perhaps add that my bike was super laden with camping gear and since the bolt sheared at the RHS it was still pretty taut on the LHS so only flexed on the one side which is probably why I noticed.

This happened in the middle of the Victorian high country and I fixed it by buying a meter long (8 or 10mm ?) threaded rod which I sawed down to the proper lenght (about a foot ?) and added two nuts that I could lock against each other to lock it (It threads into a welded on nut on the LHS). The temporary fix is still on there 6 years later.

In my mind at least that bolt is what keeps the whole frame from flexing at the top engine/ frame mount (where the castle nut is)
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