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Originally Posted by dave_t08 View Post
One thing to look at is resale value, lets say you put 10,000 miles on a KTM 500, what's it going to be worth? Do the same with a WR250R, you'll probably be able to recoup more of your money when you sell it. That's one thing preventing me from buying a KTM 500 exc, it's almost like you should sell the KTM at a certain point to prevent from loosing like all of your money, haha.
That's a terrible reason to buy a dirt bike. As I understand it, Harleys are also very good about resale, but I wouldn't buy one of those piles over many of the other much better motorcycles available. When you buy a dirt bike, it's going to be hammered off road, so its performance and reliability should be foremost in the selection process. I actually think the WRR is a very good bike, but it's not cheap either. Buying dirt bikes for resale value isn't worth it.
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