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Originally Posted by dave_t08 View Post
One thing to look at is resale value, lets say you put 10,000 miles on a KTM 500, what's it going to be worth? Do the same with a WR250R, you'll probably be able to recoup more of your money when you sell it. That's one thing preventing me from buying a KTM 500 exc, it's almost like you should sell the KTM at a certain point to prevent from loosing like all of your money, haha.
That brings up another very real issue.
Everybody needs to ask themselves what can I really afford.
10 k for a high maintenance dirt bike is over the top for me, but if money wasn't an issue then it is a bargain.

Its just like the Bmw thing, they are an amazing bike, but expensive and if things start going south out of warranty can put you in the poorhouse quickly, especially when you overextended in the first place to buy the bike.

So, ask yourself those things first.
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