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those police handlebars were drivin me nuts. they came back too far, and I kept elbowing myself in the gut whenever I turned, so I went to a few bike shops looking for a different set. I ended up installing a set of MX bars. they fit me alot better, much easier to ride now.
Will also be handy if I decide to do some trail riding on the way home.

I needed some tools also, as the only metric toold I had with me was a cresent wrench & a hammer.

and a bag to put all my camping gear in, then I went down to the las vegas bike fest.

it was basically one of those chromosexual jamborees, bunch of stupid bikes you cant ride anywhere, aging hoochie mamas dressed like 20 year old strippers, and guys wearing sons of anarchy prospect patches.
not really my scene.

I was really disappointed tho, when I went to several souvenir shops, as this is sin city, I was hoping to find some funny official looking stickers for the bike, Vegas Vice squad, whorehouse inspector, or something similar to make the bike look more 'cop-ish'

I never did go to a casino. I'll start heading east today I think.

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Wow! Doug hit every store in LV! What was ya searchin' for? I thought you would of been in Amarillo by now. I hope you found everything ya was lookin' for????? Ya got to be blowin' this town off soon! The suspense!!!!
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