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[QUOTE=AZbiker;19710558]Suzuki tried with the B1250, they didn't sell.

Considering how well the CB1000 sold, can't say that I blame them for not bringing the 13 over.


Didn't want a Suzuki, or a Kawasaki, or a Yamaha. I really liked my 919 except for a couple of things. 1 it needed more poop and 2 while I liked having a lighter bike than my ST1100 it was physically too small. I recon the 1300 would be perfect. As a taller guy the reason I like the GS is that it fits me.

As far as being cheap, if they provide the product I want I'll pony up. There are 4 motorcyles and 2 quads in the garage right now. If they bring over the 1300 or build a modern CBX I'll put the Beemer on Ebay today.
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