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Laugh Saturdays scouting trip to Cheaha

Originally Posted by Vico1 View Post
I see Red, Blue, Yellow and I'll bet White but no ORANGE....

So you do know Cheaha and back in one day is insane....

I envy your mentality!

Be safe!
No,,,,,,,,,,,, orange really won't work for me.

And yea,,,its early all right.

So early,,,,Morris sits down with his breakfast and immediatly shares it with the rest of us.

We swing by and pick up Nick in Dadeville and reach Cheaha about 8'ish and offload to go on the route scouting trip.
Great weather up there saturday!

Ride a dim,dim trail that use to be a CCC road built to reach Mt. Cheaha back in the 1930's.
A beautifully crafted stone bridge is on this route:

Primarily this trip was to explore 4 possibilities of adding some new stuff.

Was successful in 2 areas.
Gates and dead ends (lying GPS topo software) put a end to the other 2 places.
Over all, we had a great day of riding with only one hickup. At one uphill, Bill got careened off the trail and smacked a tree. After picking the bike back up it, the starter wouldn't engage. Thinking it was possibly one of the safeties, they one by one were eliminated and still no crank.

While troubleshooting, Dreadman (owner of the Bamarides site) drove up on his KLR and talked with us a bit.

He has a fantastic motorcycle website, and he did a tiny interview/video of us while working on Bills wiring problem. Maybe we'll be infamous on the Bamarides website when he gets back from the Talladega Forrest weekend campout/ride.

Copper Penny Dual Sport Ride and Camp in Cheaha 2012 on Vimeo

He and his buds were camping out and he was on his way back to the campsite. We talked a bit and he invited us (YOU) to drop by and visit their booth at the Barber Vintage Days event. Look for their place in the flea market section.
Link to the ride/campout they were on:

Meanwhile,,,Nick noted the headlight looked a little crooked behind the shroud. After removing the numberplate/headlight shroud the problem was discovered:

A bit of fixing and we're off again.

Dinner time and we grab a really really really good burger at the Old Mill Restaurant

Many of you remember this place. Glad its reopened.

Just off the 600 road, we run into Dreadmans riding buddies.

Rider on the KLX is Mulley.

Mentioned to Mulley I enjoyed reading the report where he and Swamp rode the back country of Cambodia.
Amazing journey/report,,,check it out here:

Back to the trailblazing,, as mentioned, it was a successful day.
WEATHER PERMITTING ,( we must have some rain for the dust before this ride,,,,,and I don't want to go if its storming ) its a "go" for the last weekend in october.

Just pm me for details if you want to go.

OH YEA! Bob Riker@ R&R Suspension fixed the DRZ quirkiness!
First opportunity to try it out.
Hurray for that!

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