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So i was thinking about making a trip for august 2012.
I had still 5 weeks of vacation to plan and at first i wanted to ride to azarbijan and back, 14000 km true eastern europe and russia. But then i met Göran here on and eventually i just booked my ticket.

I would leave for the 7th of august in Denmark and stay in Iceland for 3 weeks until the 28th of August!

Booking the ticket was fairly easy, as you only have one company, Smyril Line to book from.
I paid 910 euro's for a return ticket in a 4 bed berth including 4 meals.
Its a 2 day and 2 night trip each way. Afterwards i noticed that you could get the ticket for less if you booked from the .is or a scandinavian site instaid of the .com site. Even better conditions if you have an adress on Iceland to book for.


Let the planning begin! I started to read about iceland and the preparations people make, especially the ford crossing made me nervouse in a positive way. I was going to cross and i was going to be prepeared!

So i made myself a snorkel and installed it about a month before departure in July.

Basicly what i did was cutting off a piece of swimmingpool vacume cleaner hose and by chance it fittet like a glove with the snorcle of bmw. It took me a while to figure out how to mount it in a way that i could easaly check the airfilter. But i did it and made a pretty decent job.

I alsow bought a foam oiled airfilter from touratech, just be be sure, you dont want your paper stocker to be wet and since they warned me about hip deep water to cross, i just made sure that i was prepared.

Now thinking about that tought, i would have never crossed a hip deep ford, i dont have the skill, its to scary and i dont want to mess up my bike or luggage

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