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hola from congo & brasil & galveston too ....

Cisco_k. Just got to catch up and see your tracks, pics and blogs today. I hope I'm posting on your blog correctly as this is my first try. Great to hear you guys got off to a good start and I really enjoyed your posts and the pics. I have a friend of mine working here in Congo that is married to a Colombian lady and he has a few recommendations. Not sure where your route plans are from your current location but he said in the south of Colombia in the mountains and coffee country will be great riding. He recommnded these stops: San Andres and Medelin are good stops but it starts getting better from there. He recommended Manizales Armenia & Salento. Says a great ride between Armenia & Salento. Also, Salento is a great place for the weekend as many European tourist travel there. Also Girardo is a nice spot also, especially on weekends as the Colombians go there for the weekens as their weekend escape. Also recommended Bogota for the sights and especially recommended to see Cathedral del Sal. Going back down to the south, he also recommended Buga & Cali as good stops. I have another buddy here that spent quite a bit of time in Equador so I will try to send you some info on that. Also, our camp boss here is from Uruguay and have another guy familiar with Panama and another that has been living in Mexico for 20 years. So I will send you some info on all that also. i'm still waiting on Guadalupe to give me info on other stuff in Brasil but you have lots of time before you get there. Good luck and I'll be keeping track.
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