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Originally Posted by vwboomer View Post
really like the efficiency calculator that was posted. thanks!

Also using the gamebooster, though I honestly can't tell much difference.

spending quality time in the IS3 the last couple days. I guess it's growing on me after the turret upgrade adn BL9. took 26 hits in the last battle
urban maps I am still not doing too well.

I did manage to hit a T7 for 1350hp

I need to make around 30,000 per battle or risk losing money. those shells are spendy.

about 80 battles in it over the last two days

A few tips - avoid turning your turret if an enemy can shoot into the side of it... it gets damaged ammo racks easily. Likewise, avoid using a repair kit for tracks if you aren't in immediate danger (but how rare is that if your tracks got hit?) because you may need it for the gun or ammo rack with the IS-3 more than other tanks.

And training that skill for a loader to have ammo rack safety, or whatever it is called, is worth it with the IS-3.

Urban maps should be the IS-3's forte, as it is a true brawler, just don't be the one to pop out first and show your side to them. Patience is usually a virtue as, eventually, the enemies will pop out in front of you.


Ugh, server just went down for maintenance... but I guess it was called for.
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