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cool bike, i like the wire wheels and disk. it looks like you might have several things bent on that front end. if you are just gonna ride it about town and the forks are working- just loosen the top and lower tree (put a jack or something under the bike to keep it from diving into the floor) and see if you can straighten it out. it could be just a case of a severe misalignment. ok, so something is probably bent as well, but that should help correct it if you are not particular. id probably do it without the handlebars on as they might be deceptive- as they are probably bent as well. the handle bar posts could be as well. isolate the front forks and trees and see if you can align them.

if you are worried then you got to just take it all apart- and put it all on something very flat (like a pane of glass) and find out how bent each piece is.

hopefully someone else has better advice.
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