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Originally Posted by Adv Grifter View Post
I didn't realize the Safari was difficult to remove/replace. If that's the case with ALL of them ... then definitely not for me. I've taken my IMS off and on at least 30 times in just the last few years. I routinely take the tank off for any maintenance or Carb tuning. Very handy with the IMS, which comes in just minutes. I've done it on the road in Mexico, never a problem.

Access is important to me ... and is a BIG PLUS on the DR650 in general.
I see guys on BMW's sweating in the hot sun, going through 30 minutes of struggle just to get down to something.

The IMS and new Acerbis give over 230 to 250 miles of range (depending how bike is tuned) . Plenty of range for this continent ... Oz is a different world of course.
It only seemed on this occasion that it was difficult to get back on. Previous times, it aligned more or less straight away. As I mentioned earlier, the tank had a lot of fuel in it so may have been "flexing" a bit.

Even though it can create some issues, I still love my safari tank and the range I get with it. Even the fact I don't have to go into and fuel up is such a convenience. Last time I fueled up I had 732km and still hadn't hit reserve.

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